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20 jewelry designers we love madly


There are tons of opportunities to buy a beautiful piece of jewelry. We have chosen to introduce you to 20 jewelry designers, each more talented than the next. 20 women with a unique universe. This is a declaration of love to these dream merchants who make our jewels real little treasures.

Here are those you can’t do without and there are those you forget in a jewelry box only to find them a few years later. 

To find the one to offer, to be offered or to offer yourself, we have decided to introduce you to 20 jewelry designers . Because today, there are tons of designers big and small who deserve to take a bit of the spotlight. Their work is marvellous. Their passion deserves to be shared.

Beyond a trendy accessory , a jewel is often imbued with a story that we like to carry with us every day. Our 20 jewelry designers have all been inspired by an event, a passion or an experience to bring their collection to life.

At Gigi Clozeau, the family bond is in the spotlight. With her mother, Marie, they built their jewelry house from a piece of jewelry made for her birth and which they use in their collections. Here, the accumulation of bracelets and necklaces is strongly encouraged.

Travel is a strong inspiration for jewelry creation. This is the case of Leticia Ponti , creator of the eponymous brand which offers bohemian collections with a nomadic spirit. As for Louise Damas , her creations are accompanied by literary references. The designer crosses eras and countries with her poetic jewelry that adapts to all styles.

Pascale Monvoisin shares this philosophy and imagines her creations as a natural extension of oneself, a lucky charm that follows us everywhere.

We find this notion of well-being with Marie Montaud, creator of the Médecine Douce brand , which offers jewelry that helps you feel good. How ? Thanks to the right balance of colors and materials that creates a feeling of harmony.

There are also those jewels that we wear for significant events, which constitute a memory to keep for a lifetime. The jewelry you wear at your wedding, for example. And then there are these strong pieces that are self-sufficient. This is the case in the Bonanza Paris or Elise Tsikis collections.

Through our selection of 20 jewelry designers, you will discover their journey, their universe, their cult piece. You will open the door to the different workshops. And you are likely to have a few crushes.

The family is at the heart of Gigi Clozeau’s creations. Starting with the birth jewel made for Gigi by her jeweler father, who was the first inspiration for the key pieces in the collection.

“We spontaneously wanted to decline my birth jewel in order to make it vibrate in all the colors of the rainbow and to tell people, we are communicating our family love story to you, choose your colors and your patterns according to your creativity, and make this happiness yours”, explains Gigi

Who is behind the jewelry brand Waekura?

Mélissa Artis, who imagines jewelry at affordable prices and water resistant to satisfy the desires of the (many) followers of the brand.

Mélanie Desplat studied theater before embarking on a career in fashion. It was in 2014 that she created the jewelry brand Margi Darika, inspired by a trip to Brazil.

The journey, the mixture of styles, materials and colors… the jewels signed Margi Darika oscillate from one extreme to another for a unique result.

What is his universe?

Irregular and asymmetrical, the jewels signed Pascale Monvoisin are intended to be raw and steeped in history.

Literature. Each of her creations is a heroine of a novel. With her jewelry, Louise Damas invites us to change costumes to take on a new role. The least we can say is that the book of his creations may have many pages.

It was in 2009 that the talented designer launched her jewelry brand. Before, curious and versatile, she studied sociology to finally open a café restaurant in Paris. But, passionate, Nadia Azoug had a thirst for creation. With Monsieur Paris, she succeeded in her bet: to create unique collections while promoting know-how.

The finesse. All Monsieur Paris jewelery is fine, subtle and elegant. Refined design and clean lines, Nadia Azoug plays with gold, silver and vermeil with or without precious stones. Creations that undoubtedly stand out.

For a few years now, Vanessa Pinoncely has devoted herself to her passion: creating jewelry. With the Dear Charlotte brand, she realizes her childhood dream and shares her happiness with us with collections, each one more beautiful than the next.

Originally from South America, Leticia Ponti graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Santiago de Chile. It was in 2008 that she launched her eponymous jewelry brand. In 2011, the consecration: she opened a first corner at Printemps.

Bohemia. Each of her creations is inspired by her travels, fashion, art and painting. In each jewel, there is a touch of poetry.

No need to introduce her anymore, Frédérique Dessemond is the talented designer behind Ginette NY. After studying art history at the Sorbonne, she moved to New York and embarked on the Ginette NY adventure in 2002. Since then? Only wonders, modern collections that seduce season after season sold on five continents.

The bangle bracelet is one of the essential pieces at Médecine Douce.

The eponymous brand was born in 2005 with ceramic jewelry. In 2011, Anne Thomas sees her creations with a new eye. Since 2013, she has been launching a collection of lacquered jewelery 100% made in France.

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