dress well in winter for a man

How to dress well in winter for a man?


The winter wardrobe is a deluge of natural, comfortable materials and layered pieces. It also allows for more stylistic experimentation, since you wear more clothes.

We are going to come back together on the main principle of construction of a winter look, before dwelling on each piece that composes it. Not to mention the selection of brands.

The basic functional principle: the 3-layer rule

To insulate yourself well against the cold, you must first understand a basic principle that hikers know well: the rule of 3 layers of clothing.

Neither on the outside (rain) nor on the inside (perspiration), because wet clothing evacuates heat and will cool you down at high speed! It’s particularly vicious when it comes to the feet, where the temperature difference with an icy sidewalk can cause highly unpleasant condensation.

It’s your body linen: T-shirt and underwear.

If you don’t plan to do any physical activity, cotton can do the trick to keep you warm close to the body and wick away moderate moisture. Also note that linen, even in winter, performs this function wonderfully.

But if it’s for skiing or walking, or you’re going to take transport in a casual look ?, then prefer  a merino wool t-shirt which gets wet less easily than cotton. Or, simply get into the habit of carrying your coat by hand when you hurry through the subway corridors!

Where can I find merino t-shirts?

Little secret: for very cold weather, tights in micro-fiber wool are invisible and so comfortable (we promise, we won’t say anything). In the Nordic countries, they know this trick very well (or in mountain sports).

the must: feather  ?, which traps even more air than wool fiber. That said, more and more technical materials have similar characteristics. To weigh the pros and cons of down vs synthetics, feel free to read about it here .

Be careful, however, not to compress this layer too much : it would trap less air and could conduct more heat to the outside). Air is your friend, when it doesn’t rhyme with “draught”.

Any rampart is useless if it has a breach: do not neglect your neck, nor your extremities (hands and feet) which are too often forgotten. This is the time not to neglect scarves and gloves!

For all the information on the subject, as well as a selection of brands, do not hesitate to read our article ” How to choose a winter coat? “.

What to wear under your coat to keep warm in winter?

Comfortable, insulating and warm, they express different influences according to its design. Zero tolerance for synthetic materials, and be careful to choose a very regular (which does not mean uniform) and tight knitting / weaving.

Virgin lamb’s wool is a relevant and accessible option for small budgets. Merino, alpaca or camel are more noble options, both in terms of insulation and aesthetics.

Finally, there is cashmere and, for those who remember the post on the luxury house Loro Piana , there is even softer: baby cashmere .

Why not  opt ​​for bold colors or patterns  ? We think in particular of shades of blue or warm colors, always pleasant when the grayness sets in.

The sleeveless quilted jacket, still marginalized a few years ago, has finally won its letters of nobility. Thanks to our Italian friends, who don’t hesitate to wear it in sartorial outfits.

Without necessarily going that far, they easily introduce a gentleman farmer touch to a look, or even a bit of sportswear depending on the pieces that go with it.

In winter, it is interesting to be able to play on the textures to bring variety . Speckled, mottled, colorful: here again, what was original a few years ago is tending to become more democratic.

As for the cut, a few deviations from the usual pleated pants are allowed. We fell in love with the freighter, which is beginning to assert itself. Cut in a thick flannel, it mixes originality and elegance! Worn with a shirt, a blazer or a good big sweater, it signs original but easy outfits.

Many avoid it in both summer and winter. However,  the cap prevents significant heat loss ! Well, it can be scratchy or too hot, but think of those gusts of icy air that you catch in the face.

Scarves are great allies when the cold wants us badly. Wool, cashmere and silk are good bases , provided that the

To find out more about the quality aspect of a pair of gloves, assembly and selection of brands, you can read  our guide on the subject

Do not neglect the choice of materials, decisive in this season. Ideally, choose wool, which will be appreciated for its insulating and thermoregulatory properties. You can also easily play on the textures.

It is also an opportunity to introduce more fanciful pieces: a brightly colored sweater in the middle of a navy look, pants with a subtle tartan pattern…

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