Men's fashion trends

Men’s fashion trends for 2023


As with every season, what you wear will depend on the weather, temperature and current trends. Winter, in particular, is an ideal time for men’s style because it allows us to wear (almost) everything we have in our closets.

However, some garments will be more appropriate than others for this season, especially in the task of keeping you warm and stylish. Here are the men’s wardrobe essentials for this winter 2020-23.

The leather jacket

The leather jacket is one of the resolutely masculine pieces that it is good to wear when the mercury drops. It can be worn in many different ways, for this winter it will be enough for a worked look to put it on a turtleneck sweater for a smart casual style , or a hoodie for a relaxed effect.

The pea coat

The peacoat, which is defined as a double-breasted coat, is a precious ally during the winter months. Whether it’s going to the office or meeting a date, the peacoat is a safe option for many occasions. For a smart casual effect , put on jeans and a navy blue jacket; if you want a more elaborate style, wear it over a suit.

Black jeans

It is almost impossible to go wrong when choosing to wear basics, and among these, there is black jeans . It’s a piece that everyone should have in their wardrobe, whether for a casual, smart casual, professional, rock style or any other choice. To bring a little contrast to your look, you can choose to put on a nubuck jacket and shoes of the same color. Or you can also play the total black style.

The wool coat

When the temperature drops, it’s a good time to put on your wool coat . Warm and particularly aesthetic, it is an essential for any man concerned about his appearance. It is found in several colors and lengths, to be adjusted according to your preferences. To go well with your dressing room, you can turn to raw colors such as navy blue, gray or even camel. And if you want your coat to add a bit of texture to your look you can choose a heather fabric. 

The pair of boots

Boots (or ankle boots) are the ultimate accessory for your winter outfits . And for good reason, they not only bring a lot of style to your look, but they are also very comfortable and suitable for cold and humid climates. Whether it’s a pair of working boots , Chelsea boots, combat boots or others (the list is long), ankle boots are the shoes to have for this winter.

The denim jacket

It will not be a surprise for you if you are a regular reader of the blog, the denim jacket is more than ever in the news. It is perfect for those who like to practice a casual and relaxed look. It is also a great tool for practicing layering when the mercury continues to drop. You can easily pair it with chinos or black jeans for a smart casual effect , as well as a turtleneck or a chunky-knit sweater.

The chunky-knit sweater

The cold season is finally the opportunity to be able to wear our chunky knit sweaters. Particularly warm, they deploy all their talent to protect us from the elements and bring style to our outfits. Their relief allows us to add texture to our style, as well as plays of light. It is particularly a very good piece for layering, be careful however to respect the rules in this area .

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