Denim skirt

Denim skirt – how to wear denim? With what shoes?


The denim skirt is one of the musts you can’t live without. Whether black or denim, only black tights can really show them off. So avoid colorful and too flashy tights like red and yellow.

It is preferably worn with a summer print, tropical or floral type and tied at the belt. Even in a “cropped” version just above the waistband, to reveal the belly and the curvature of the waist. This top works great with a flowy, high-waisted midi denim skirt .

Which shoes with knee skirt?

To sublimate it, opt for high heels: sandals, wedge espadrilles, high boots. Inevitably, the shoes with heels will slender our silhouette, lengthen our legs and avoid accentuating the slightly retro effect of the midi skirt .

You can absolutely wear tights with a denim dress . With the cuts of mid-length dresses , we will rather go with neutral tights : black, without patterns and opaque. Depending on your outfit, you can choose a more or less clear tights .

A plain or oversized printed, striped or slightly retro check blazer to pair with a white shirt. A black or colored perfecto for an irresistible rock side to pair with boots. A long loose cardigan to wear open to structure your silhouette.

What shoes to wear with a straight skirt?

  1. This summer, to change up your pumps, you can also wear your straight skirt with :
  2. Running shoes: for a sporty chic look, this summer’s fashion trend.
  3. Slip ons: the same goes for a chic but relaxed sportswear look.
  4. Low sneakers like Converse or Vans.
  5. 5. Tap dance: making their comeback this summer.

What sneakers with tights?

Ankle boots are definitely the most suitable shoes for black tights . Easy to put on, they won’t ruin your outfit. Whether they have heels, laces or notched soles, boots will add value to your tights .

With a mini skirt , on the shoe side , we advise you to go for a pair of boots or waders, ideal for warming up your legs! But you can also wear the mini + big tights combo with trendy sneakers, moccasins, ankle boots or even pumps.

What shoes with knee dress?

Boots, ankle boots, waders and other boots are ideal for warming up a winter dress , whether long or short. Dress with boots, this is a wedding that never goes out of style, especially in the coldest of winter. For a midi-length dress , riding boots that stop at the knee are ideal.

How to wear the midi skirt in winter ? In winter , there is no question of having cold ankles! Pair your midi skirt with tights and flat or heeled ankle boots. You can also wear lace-up ankle boots for an ultra modern touch or more classic ankle boots.

To wear the denim dress and highlight its curves, we choose a cut adapted to its morphology. Curvy silhouettes will opt for a fluid shirt dress , to be belted to mark the waist. The little ones will opt for wedge espadrilles to lengthen the legs.

A denim dress and a white and black horizontal striped long sleeve t-shirt are a great outfit formula to have in your arsenal. This outfit is perfectly complemented with a pair of tan suede ankle boots.

Shoes: ankle boots are the unbeatable ally of a denim dress , especially in winter; opt for a pair of olive suede, red leather or chelsea boots to create style and make your outfit a success.  Over-the – knee suede boots and thigh-high boots will definitely go with mini dresses .

The timeless ones will be denim blue , raw blue, grey, white and black. In summer you can bet on color or pastel shades. Autumn, burgundy, khaki or mustard can be interesting shades. Do not combine color models : you will get tired of them more easily.

What shoes with a skirt suit?

In hot weather, pumps and wedge sandals for the little ones, or flat ones for the tall ones, will be your allies. In winter, boots and ankle boots, to be worn with opaque black tights, keep your feet warm, while being elegant.

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